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Pho Bowl Special

Stir Fry

This delightful dish is naturally a favorite among the Vietnamese.It consists of rice vermicelli mixed with fresh vegetables,topped with hot BBQ pork.This spring rolls noodle dish is a perfect balance of crunchy spring rolls with cold vermicelli noodles, fresh herbs, cucumbers, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts and fish sauce dipping sauce.

Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese iced coffee is made with coarsely ground Vietnamese-grown dark roast coffee individually brewed with a small metal French drip filter (cà phê phin) into a cup containing about a quarter to a half as much sweetened condensed milk, stirred and poured over ice. The coarse grind allows the use of the cà phê phin. Ca phe sua da is iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk.

In the Vietnamese repertoire, beef pho noodle soup is a classic. In fact, it's practically the national dish of Vietnam. A hearty broth-based Vietnamese soup often made with beef or chicken. Our traditional pho is made with charred onion, ginger clovers, fennel seeds, cinnamon& star anise. It is accompanied with thin slices of beef flank, rice noodles, a variety of garnishes like fresh scallions, coriander, sweet basil, lime, bean sprouts.

Saigon Nights Never Tasted so Good

Vermicelli and Spring Rolls

A plate of Vietnamese stir-fried Vegetables is a great accompaniment to any meal. Add some chicken, beef, or shrimp to the vegetables and the dish becomes a complete meal when served with rice.This delicious combination is sure to delight any taste.